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I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I provide straightforward advice on choosing, researching, and buying a franchise. Check out Franchise Business University.com

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JoelLibava.com: How A Comment On Jon Morrow's Blog Woke Me Up

JoelLibava.com: How A Comment On Jon Morrow's Blog ...

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Franchise Book Author, Marketer, Advisor, And An Advocate For Prospective Franchise Owners...


JoelLibava.com: My Top Franchise Articles

I have been writing informational articles on franchising for 8 years. Most of them have been published-and continue to be published, on my main franchise blog....

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JoelLibava.com: Franchise Marketing Solutions

Most people know me for the things I do as they relate to today's future franchise owners. If you don't fall into the "most people" category, here are some of things ......


JoelLibava.com: The 7-Eleven Blues

There is no way for me not to post this-from my FF (Franchise Friend) Sean Kelly-at UnhappyFranchisee.com. It has to do with a certain lawsuit against 7-Eleven, the huge convienence store franchise and Slurrpy champion. 7-Eleven Franchise Blues A Protest......

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Who is Joel Libava?: JoelLibava.com

I am. I'm a Husband. A Dad An Uncle (the funny one, according to my nieces and nephews) I really love animals...especially dogs. And kids. Work-wise, I own ......


Expert Interview: Using Marketing Automation to Build Trust and Credibility with Prospects

Recently, I attended a wonderful digital marketing conference in Denver. Authority Rainmaker was the name of the event, and it rocked. I met some great people there, including Clark Buckner. Clark is really into technology-especially technology that's related to marketing...and......


My Very Personal Interview On Cleveland Confidential Radio

My friend, Michael DeAloia, has been hosting Cleveland Confidential Radio on AM 1420 in Cleveland for a while. The show features interesting (Ahem) and exciting guests from the Cleveland, Ohio area. A lot of book authors and small business types......


The Blizzard That's Frozen In My Memory

It was in 1978 or 1979. I know I was out of high school. I remember it well. That blizzard. Because I was stranded. And, it wasn't my fault. It was her fault. The Blizzard That's Frozen In My Memory......