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Small Business Trends

Many Entrepreneurs Not Cut Out For Franchising

Joel Libava, the Franchise King, explains why not many people are cut out for franchising in this interview....

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Small Business Trends

The Franchise Sales Process Has Changed

Things have really changed for franchise salespeople and within the franchise sales process. Adapt to these changes in order to sell new franchises....

Small Business Trends

The Top Franchise Trends For 2008

Editor’s Note: Joel Libava (pictured left), our resident franchise expert, gives us an insightful rundown of the big trends in the world of franchises. If you have ever thought of buying a franchise — or turning your business into a franchise for others to buy into — this is one...

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Small Business Trends

State of Small Business Lending: Better or Worse Than Last Year?

Has the state of small business lending gotten better or worse since last year? The answer depends on who you talk to. Confused? The answer to the question “Are banks finally starting to lend again?” also varies based on what’s being written and where. Even Small Business Trends’ own Scott...

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Small Business Trends

Best Franchises To Own in 2010

Franchise Trends and franchise opportunities that will grow and be more popular in 2010....

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Small Business Trends

Franchise Research & Selection: Tips and Advice

Read this to learn more about different types of franchises, costs and ways to research and select franchise opportunities...

Small Business Trends

Book Review: Essential Steps To Research A Franchise Opportunity

Have you ever entered a place like Panera or another bustling cafe or coffee shop, and seen loads of people, hanging out working on their laptops, sipping away and thought to yourself, “Gee, I’d like to own one of these. They seem really cool and I bet they do well.”...

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Small Business Trends

The Latest Trends in Franchise Development

When I write about franchising, 90 percent of the time it’s about buying franchises, researching franchises, and updating folks on the latest franchise news. (I throw in some op-ed sometimes, also. It’s just my nature.) There’s another part of franchising, and it’s really the most important part. It’s the place...

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Small Business Trends

Are Green Businesses Still Golden?

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get the feeling that the excitement surrounding the green business movement is starting to lose its luster. Before I share some of the reasons why, read The State of Green Business from Kelly Spors, as it will help set the table for...

Small Business Trends

Become a Franchise Owner Gives Insider Secrets About Franchises

Author Joel Libava and I have been colleagues and friends for a few years through our relationship with Small Business Trends and its founder, Anita Campbell.  Of course, living in Cleveland and seeing each other from time to time doesn’t hurt either. I’ve watched Joel grow his Franchise King brand...

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Small Business Trends

Junk Removal Franchises: One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

There are a wide variety of things that can be picked up, and in some cases, even recycled. Here are the top junk removal franchises....

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Small Business Trends

5 Possible Outcomes in Franchise Ownership

Owning a franchise is a long-term play. You need to think long-term. View these possible long-term outcomes that can be the result of franchise ownership....

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Small Business Trends

Work-At-Home Franchises: Real Opportunities Or Scams?

I’d like to make sure that you understand the difference between a home-based franchise, and a work-at- home “opportunity.” The differences are huge. . . A franchise is a licensing system by which the owner (franchisor) of a product or a service licenses others (franchisees) to market and sell the...

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Small Business Trends

Will The Numbers Keep Adding Up for Senior Care Franchise Owners?

I’m getting a little concerned. I’m starting to wonder if there will continue to be enough senior citizens to go around. Recently, I contributed a post over at Business.Gov in which I discussed the popularity of the senior care segment of franchising.  I stated that “there are over 30 different...

Small Business Trends

Help For the Time Starved: Service Franchises

Editor’s Note: I would like to introduce our newest expert. Joel Libava will be writing a regular column about trends in franchising. In this first article, he discusses how to evaluate franchises by the needs the underlying business solves — in this case, helping time-starved consumers get back some of...