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This Is When Reality Sets in For All Franchise Buyers - Small Biz ...

This Is When Reality Sets in For All Franchise Buye...

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5 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs - Small Biz Daily

By Rieva Lesonsky What do successful entrepreneurs have in common? What do they do that struggling entrepreneurs don’t? If only we could find the magic formula, we imagine, we could be just as successful too. Well, while there’s no magic formula to ensure business survival, a recent study, Xero’s Make...

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Hey, You, Get Onto the Cloud - Small Biz Daily

Are you using cloud storage for your small business yet? If not, check out this list of five ways cloud storage and sharing can benefit your business....

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Cyber Security Risks Facing Your Small Business - Small Biz Daily

Small businesses are the engines of ingenuity bringing vital goods and services to our community on a daily basis. The local support it takes to get a small business up and running matters – and so does the trust it takes to build and maintain local customers. Small business owners...

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Small Businesses, Startups Assess Their Success in 2015 - Small Biz Daily

We’ve reached that point where we start looking back and assessing the year as one whole piece – rather than the many days, hours and difficult decisions that made up 2015 for small business owners. As they got a chance to reflect in a recent survey from payroll provider SurePayroll,...

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Loan Center - Small Biz Daily

Fundera will find the best funding provider for your small business. Every year millions of small business owners apply for loans, and over 80% of applications are rejected by the big banks. Fundera’s sole mission is to help small businesses grow by looking beyond the world of traditional banks and...

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Hair-Raising Experience - Small Biz Daily

Man buns, comb-overs and box braids are just a few of today’s hot hair trends. By Rieva Lesonsky Do you sell beauty products or own a hair salon, barbershop or spa? Then you’ll want to know about the latest hair trends according to Google, which analyzed millions of searches and...

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9 Ways to Make Your Small Business Shine This Holiday Season - Small Biz Daily

This Is When Reality Sets in For All Franchise Buyers — By Joel Libava There's green. And red. There's Ferrari. And… How to Avoid Shouldering Fraudulent ......

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3 Top Freelance Trends - Small Biz Daily

Whether you freelance or not, these hot trends will affect how you work in 2016. By Rieva Lesonsky As the largest freelancing site, Upwork (formerly Elance and oDesk) is witness to a lot of trends in the freelance marketplace. It put together a “What’s Hot & What’s Not” list based on insights from...

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Beyond Millennials: Aging Baby Boomers - Small Biz Daily

By Rieva Lesonsky While everyone is buzzing about Millennials and the many opportunities there are to serve them, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to make money focusing on other generations. Take the Baby Boomers. (Yes, I’m one of them.) Just because we’re aging—Boomers were born between 1946...

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8 Rules of Business Email Etiquette - Small Biz Daily

Most of us send dozens of emails per day, some of them for personal reasons, others for professional purposes. As Rachel Wagner, certified corporate etiquette consultant, trainer and speaker, explains, there are a few important rules to live by, especially when sending a business email....

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The Big Brand Theory - Small Biz Daily

Big brands are acting like small businesses. What does that mean for your small business? By Rieva Lesonsky What’s driving consumer behavior? Lots of things right now, as all consumer demographic markets are spending. Mintel just released its North America Consumer Trends 2016 (which you can download for free). One...

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Women Entrepreneurs Come Together for Collaboration, Inspiration and Support - Small Biz Daily

Sponsored by Her Corner It goes without saying that the growth of women-owned businesses is good for the economy. As of 2015, more than 9.4 million women-owned businesses currently operating in the United States are generating over $1.4 trillion in annual revenue and employing nearly 7.9 million people. However 80% of...

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5 Tips for Gen Y’s Managing Older Employees - Small Biz Daily

  By Nicole Laurrari Embrace the Age Difference: Gen Y’s may have the edge when it comes to being tech savvy and up on the latest business trends, but Boomers can bring the value of experience and perspective, through multiple market conditions. For instance, Boomers have experience in a non-digital world...

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6 Apps Your Company Should Take Advantage Of - Small Biz Daily

By Brooke Chaplan Phones can either be a distraction or a boon, depending on how they are used. With the proper apps, phones can improve productivity, and help your company make even more profits. Here are six apps your company should absolutely be taking advantage of. Evernote With instant syncing...